Amberzine #12

Amberzine #12 - Kucharski,  Michael It’s always cool to see people devoted to something they love. Zelazny’s friends and fans continue the saga of Amber with their short stories. Zelazny even contributed a couple of stories. Those that knew him also included some personal reflections of their time spent together before he died.

I never knew this existed until I stumbled across it from a book dealer. It’s the last of the series and I’m sure some of the stories didn’t make much sense to me because they were serials from previous editions. There are a lot of stories inspired by the gaming journals of the Amber DRPG as well as some poems, artwork and even a short graphic novella.

It’s fan fiction. Some good, some not. However, that’s really not the point. It’s a tribute to a man, and world, loved by many.