The Complete Greek Drama

The Complete Greek Drama - Eugene Gladstone O'Neill Though encompassing Aeschylus and Sophocles, I used this volume only for Euripedes' 19 existing plays. Starting with the cowardly grief of Admetus over his wife, Alcestis, Euripedes seems to stretch pathos' elasticity to almost absurd limits.

And for those who wish to engage in further debate whether Helen of Troy fled Menelaus or was kidnapped by Paris, just look to Andromache. (Actually, this is only for the one other person I know that remotely cares...)

[587-635:] PELEUS to MENELAUS: Is it any wonder then that ye fail to educate your women in virtue? Helen might have asked thee this, seeing that she said goodbye to thy affection and tripped off with her young gallant to a foreign land. And yet for her sake thou did marshal all the hosts of Hellas and them to Ilium, whereas thou shouldst have shown thy loathing for her by refusing to stir a spear, once thou hadst found her false; yea, thou shouldst have let her stay there, and even paid a price to save ever having her back again.

Miscellaneous thoughts-
Electra [367-412:] ORESETES: Ah! There is no sure mark to recognize a man's worth; for human nature hath in it an element of confusion. For I have seen ere now the son of a noble dire prove himself a worthless knave, and virtuous children sprung from evil parent; likewise dearth in a rich man's spirit, and in a poor man's frame a mighty soul. By what standard then shall we rightly judge these things? By wealth? An evil test to use. By poverty then? Nay, poverty suffers from this, that it teaches a man to play the villain from necessity.

I'm sure a public defender can make use of this.

Orestes [1231-1250:] PYLADES to ORESTES and ELECTRA: Ceasse, and let us about our business. If prayers do really penetrate the ground, he hears. O Zeus, god of my fathers, O Justice, queen revered, vouchsafe us three success; three friends are we, but one the struggle, one the forfeit all must pay, to live or die.

(Sort of like the Three Musketeers. That is, if they joined together to murder their aunt because, well, they were going to die anyway for killing mom. Ah, ancient honor. So fickle.)