Water for Elephants - Sara Gruen I couldn't really get into the characters. The narrator as an old man sounded like a cliché old man. The narrator as a young man sounded like a cliché naïve-good-kid-thrown-into-the-world. Everyone else seems to eagerly fall into their awaiting stereoypes. There's a little dash of mental illness for moral ambiguity and an elephant.

You really can't go too wrong with an elephant.

It all adds up to being okay. I didn't hate it. It read quickly and kept my interest until the end even though there were few surprises. It's entertainment. But it really didn't leave an impression on me and didn't give me much to think about. I suppose you could either flip through Thursday primetime or read this book and you'll have walked away with the same feeling.

You've managed to kill a few hours until Friday.