The Misanthrope and Tartuffe - Molière, Richard Wilbur Tartuffe is probably one of Moliere’s most well-known plays. Mostly because of the controversy it generated in his time and its subsequent banning. The hyper-hypocritical religiosity of Tartuffe didn’t sit well with the Church. So, yeah, it’s funny. And really not that controversial since the focus is more on the superficially religious and not the faith. But zealots aren’t known for their sense of humor.

The Misanthrope is not as 17th century edgy. It satirizes the notions of romantic courtly love. Alceste attempts to navigate aristocratic society with truth. Brutal, uncompromising truth. He refuses to temper his opinions as he seeks the affections of Celimene. Sort of like an Anti-Don Juan. Not surprisingly, things don’t go well but we get to laugh at all of them.