And Eternity - Piers Anthony This was the second time that Piers Anthony was going to end the Incarnations of Immortality series. The first ending was book 5, then he added two more books: the quite good For Love of Evil about Satan, and this one, about God.

The book follows the ghost Orlene as she goes on a quest to revive her dead ghost baby who had been kidnapped by Nox. Sound silly? Well, that’s because it is. In the process, there is some Incarnation politicking and a weird Lolita-like romance that seems creepily rationalized by Piers Anthony.

Things wrap up in a satisfactory matter, but it kind of feels like Anthony is phoning this one in. I’m sure it’s difficult to keep a series fresh after 6 books and, despite my nostalgic love of the series as a whole, it probably reached its expiration date with For Love of Evil.