Of Dice and Men: The Story of Dungeons & Dragons and The People Who Play It - David M. Ewalt

If you’ve ever made a saving throw against a Beholder, tried to justify a thief in plate mail or lied to your friends on how you were able to roll a natural 18 for both strength and dexterity, most Of Dice and Men will be a rehash.  A nostalgic D&D walkabout.  For the uninitiated… well, they probably won’t read it anyway.

Ewalt’s done his homework. In addition to talking about his rediscovery of the game, he gives a light history of the Gygaxian empire.  To mix things up, there are some tedious asides which dramatize Ewalt’s game experiences, but it’s a minor fault.  It's a little too "let me tell you about my character" for my tastes.  His history spans the evolution of the game from Arneson’s basement Blackmoor campaign, to the founding of TSR in Lake Geneva , to the playtesting of D&D Next.  Anyone with a favorite d20 will appreciate this story of the men who gave it a purpose.