Plato for Beginners

Plato For Beginners - Robert J. Cavalier, Eric Lurio Having made it about 400 pages into the 1800 page tome of Plato: Complete Works edited by John M. Cooper, I realized I didn't have a clue what the last 100 pages had said. So I turned to this Cliff-note worthy comic.

Yeah, judge me if you like. But I didn't have to tell you.

It's a quick summary of the life and times of Plato. There is a good summary of Forms as well as brief overviews of some of the more well known works such as The Republic, The Symposium, and Laws.

The summaries are just that: summaries. These are not critical analyses of the dialogues. However, the book does help to clearly state some of the presuppositions relied on for Plato's dialectic.

Plus, it was a nice break. Read the original Parmenides and you'll agree.