100 Selected Poems - E.E. Cummings I find reviewing poetry like reviewing a color. If your favorite color is blue, it's hard to explain why it appeals to you. Or why blue is better then red. Expressing the inarticulable, the ability to convey a sense of something beyond words through words, for me, is the greatness of a poet.

I first stumbled across cummings in high school in one of those gloss covered, all-encompassing, "LITERATURE" textbooks that public schools are so fond of. And, for whatever reason, e.e. cummings has accompanied me since. Since my first reading, I find various poems of his serving as signposts throughout my life. Now, possibly out of habit, I continually retreat to him whenever facing change.

Though certain poems have resonated for one reason or another more vibrantly at different times, what consistently comforts me is his sense of freedom. Content-wise and structurally. At first I considered it iconoclastic pretension, but I now find his broken cadence and grammatical structure a welcome vehicle for expressing the asymmetrical emotions that govern.

I lack the versed depth to critically compare or analyze cummings work. As for what it's given me, 5 stars is probably a poor tribute.