Youth in Revolt: The Journals of Nick Twisp - C.D. Payne Crass, derisive and unapologetic. My kind of book. There's only a few books that I find myself laughing out loud as I read. The last one was years ago with Christopher Moore's Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal. Before that, I don't even remember. But now, I have a list of two.

Having now a good 15 plus years buffer from early adolescence helps. The all too familiar awkwardness comes through nostalgically but with a level of precociousness I only wish I had been nerdcool enough to have. This is the kind of high school anti-hero that served as a model for those hipsteresque guys in college. The ones drinking lattes in black rimmed glasses, with a kitsch tee-shirt under plaid and showing off their favorite pair of boots as they read a certain Czech author that shall go nameless. Not the genuinely hip cool ones in the small liberal art schools, I'm talking about the ones smart enough to get into my underwhelming state school.

Yeah, those guys.

But don't let that dissuade you. Payne delivers a charmingly oblivious Machiavellian character through a series of increasingly improbable events. Regardless, I never really was distracted by the absurdity of it all because Payne never lets you get disengaged. He writes unselfconsciously and lets Nick Twisp impudently plow ahead through each book.

For those irreverent and gauche readers out there, I'd highly recommend it. For those of you decent folk with class, well, you should read it too.