The Beat Book: Writings from the Beat Generation - Anne Waldman, Allen Ginsberg Yeah. A collection of writers including Kerouac, Cassidy, Welch, Ginsberg and many others. A group of writers that make you instantly uncool and obtuse to criticize and instantly a wannabe and a pretentious ass to praise. There’s no way to recommend or not recommend this book that will have weight with anyone.

You dig?

For what it’s worth, I got into Diane Di Prima’s poetry and some of Amiri Baraka. But little of what the others had included made much of an impression on me. All seem motivated to move language and storytelling beyond the confines of tradition. But most of the time I was left wondering if it was moved anywhere meaningful. If you find value in simply moving, it may be enough. Journey is all that matters and all that.

I personally like getting places… or at least stopping at a scenic overlook from time to time. Keep in mind I’m uncool and obtuse. And probably a wannabe and a pretentious ass regardless.