Forgotten Fatherland: The True Story of Nietzsche's Sister and Her Lost Aryan Colony - Ben Macintyre Macintyre retraces the path that Elizabeth Nietzsche and her fellow German purists took into the Paraguayan jungle in their quest to create an Aryan homeland. There really isn’t much left to find, so most of the book is dedicated to documenting the life of Elizabeth. Ruthlessly, Macintyre writes of Elizabeth’s machinations to manipulate the men in her life, her brother’s legacy and her own rise of influence within the Third Reich.

The dual story of the modern journey into the jungle with the historical biography doesn’t mesh well. The remnants of Nueva Germania are a sparse collection of curiosities and provides little substance to the main story of Elizabeth’s life. That’s not really the author’s fault. He went looking to find what he could find. It just wasn’t much.

However, the relationship detailed between Elizabeth and her brother is intriguing. I try not to wade into the murky fanaticism or hatred of Neitzche exhibited by Nietzsche-philes, religious extremists and college freshmen, but whatever your thoughts on the man, the personal dynamic and conflict between brother and sister is a drama worthy of a book.