The Taming of the Shrew (The Pelican Shakespeare) - Stephen Orgel, A.R. Braunmuller, William Shakespeare Everyone who talks about this play has to do the disclaimer. Yes, yes, it’s offensive. It’s misogynistic. Not in a modern sarcastic way or a it’s all funny because it’s extreme way, but in a genuine, woman oppressing way. If you can’t get past that then leave it alone and be content that Shakespeare’s dead. If you are willing to suspend principle for a couple hours and laugh, then pick up a copy (though, like all plays, it’s much more enjoyable if done well on the stage). The repartee between Petruchio and Kate, especially in Act II, easily outmatches the Tracy-Hepburn exchanges of classic movies. Petruchio’s over-the-top callousness and Kate’s over-the-top petulance provide all the laughs. The moral of the story comes at the end so just skip the last scene or two if you think indignation will ruin it all.