Catching Fire - Suzanne  Collins I’m not sure what I was expecting. I probably should have bailed on this series after finishing The Hunger Games, but these are quick reads and I’m a sucker for dystopias. The first half was just painful. Angst, then some more angst and, yes, then some added angst. Then the eye-rolling halfway point when I learned where the story was heading. Then I sort of got into it again.

The violence, and the difficult choices, seem less whitewashed. Katniss’ brutality becomes more apparent which oddly makes her more likeable. Mostly because she doesn’t act on her brutality. But it’s there. It shows that she is a more complicated character than the first book suggests and also shows what is needed to survive in this vicious world that Collins has created.

I’m not really a fan of this series, but I’m going to read the next one. That probably says more about the books than anything I could write.