Mockingjay - Suzanne  Collins If you’ve gotten this far in the series, there’s no turning back. You’re going to finish it. Just face it. No matter how bad it gets, you are going to plow through. And it gets pretty bad. Imagine MTV producing a reality TV rebellion show. Upstarts Uprising or something. That’s a good part of the book.

However, lest I seem too critical, it improves dramatically at the end. A lot of my problem with the earlier books about the simple way Katniss and crew could maneuver through this world definitely doesn’t apply here. Not taking into consideration the violence (which is considerable), it becomes a fairly mature book. What was heading into the direction of intolerable cliché becomes much more nuanced in the final chapters.

I obviously had my issues with large sections of this series, but Collins kept me going until the end. I may not recognize it or fully appreciate it, but she hooked me in somehow with her storytelling craft. Or I have OCD or something.