The Culture of Make Believe - Derrick Jensen Jensen catalogs atrocities. Done by corporations, nations and individuals. Though divided into chapters, the substance of the book meanders through the same general theme. We are destroying what sustains us and that is madness. Mixing personal anecdotes and impressive research, Jensen’s book is part call-to- action and part self-discovery. He analyzes himself, and others, in the hope of seeing the deeply rooted “transparent bonds” which cause us to act in self-destructive ways.

I’m not sure what I really walked with after reading The Culture of Make Believe. More evidence of society’s failings. More examples of human selfishness. More stories of bigotry and oppression. Maybe for those enamored with the American ideal, this book would serve as an eye-opening read. But we all live in a cynical age. I’m not sure if such sieges on white picket houses are really the productive radical writings needed. There’s always value in reassessing why we think what we do, but isn’t the real goal to inspire change?

Tearing down the world isn’t that difficult. Many already believe in the current and historical destructiveness of greed, production and waste. Shouldn’t the real discussion be on how we change, and persuade others to do the same, before we destroy ourselves?