Son of Heaven (Chung Kuo) - David Wingrove I never read the original Chungkuo series. There were 8 books released from 1989-1999. Apparently, in true Lucasfilm form, Wingrove was not content with the original series and has expanded the series and is now in the process of releasing the remastered Chungkuo edition. Over half a million words in twenty books to be released by June, 2015.

Son of Heaven clearly sets the stage for what’s to come. It’s a well-balanced mix of introduction to the characters and the near-future. Wingrove’s imagined world-destruction and world-building seem a little far-fetched (especially the futuristic database marketplace), but, if you go into it with enough suspension of disbelief, it’s an enjoyable introduction.

I couldn’t tell if the overt racism and nationalism for most of the book was a plot device or simply overt racism and nationalism. By the last quarter of the book, it’s pretty clearly a plot device so, for the pc-prone, give it a chance.

It’s intriguing enough to make me check out the second book.