The Rise of Ransom City - Felix Gilman Not quite the sequel I was hoping for to the exceptional The Half-Made World. Gilman comes at the story sideways, following a minor character from the first book and focusing on the politics of the Line and the Gun swirling around him.

It took awhile, but I was able to get into it after the first 100 pages or so. The disjointed, diary-esque writing at the beginning morphs into more of a narrative later in the book which I preferred. Or maybe I just got use to the style he chose for the book and didn’t notice it as much. A lot of focus is spent on educating us on the world built around the novel. In many ways, it feels like a tour. It’s an original setting so I didn’t mind that much, but generally I prefer when the details slip out through the story rather than making frequent asides to explain the setting.

Even as the world evolves and is explained, the mystique of the Gun and the chthonic secrets of the Engines remain and keep me hoping that Gilman will write a third book.