Under a Velvet Cloak - Piers Anthony Seventeen years. After And Eternity was published, all was quiet with the Incarnations of Immortality series until 2007. Piers Anthony then published Under a Velvet Cloak and I was freaking thrilled. It took a few years, but I finally got around to getting the book and, in anticipation, I just re-read the entire series so I would be refreshed on all the details. Seven books and around 2100 pages I read just in preparation to read this one.


I still have carryover teenage fandom for Piers Anthony and his books, but there were parts where this book is just disturbing. And I have a job where, on a day-to-day basis, I deal with some seriously fucking twisted things. But this book has taken the Incarnations of Immortality series into a weird, child/teenage temptress sex romp. Seriously, like every other page. It’s Incarnation porn.

Clearly Anthony has his mind on other things at this point in his career. For those of you who have fond memories of the original series, I’d recommend leaving this book alone and keep those memories fond.