Dial H Vol. 1: Into You (The New 52) - China Mieville By chance, I saw China Miéville’s name as the writer for this reboot of an old DC comic line Dial H. I never read the original series, but in Miéville fanboy devotion, I had to pick up this graphic novel which includes the first several issues of the comic.

It’s trippy and cheeky and filled with hard to come by weirdness. Consistent with his novels, it take awhile to orient yourself to the world and, even after, his writing attempts to spin you around. With unlikely protagonists, an abstract villian and heroes that range from the dark alley Victorianesque Chimney Boy to the floating emo-Robert Smith template for Captain Lachrymose, the strange imaginings of Miéville are complimented well by the artists.

The last two issues took a distinctly different tone, and not necessarily better, but I’ll still follow through with the series. However, I just saw online that DC will be cancelling the line in August.